About Me!

Hi! I’m Jen – welcome to my blog! My hope with A Colorful Palate is to pass along my love of cooking, and share recipes that include but are not limited to 1) Dinners that will feed everyone and STILL have leftovers 2) Making your Farmer’s Market a one-stop shop for a weeks’ worth of dinners 3) Gluten-free and dairy-free “no-brainer” foods and 4) Easy, tasty and healthy dinner meals so you never have to wonder for long about what to make.


I live on the New Hampshire Seacoast with my husband Mike and our amazing puppy Madison – both of whom have a penchant for food and lots of it. (In no way am I leaving myself out of that description by the way). We compensate by spending a lot of time outside running, hiking, rock climbing or just walking around. We’re blessed with both ocean and mountains and take as much advantage as we can.


This blog is my journey through the kitchen, with all the ups and downs it takes to get there mixed in.

Camel's Hump

Thank you for stopping by! 🙂


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